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. . . I will discuss "line first" drawing, and the dynamics of a line.  I will draw Larissa in Pencil.
. . .We will look at the importance of a good drawing environment, draw the individual eyes, nose, mouth and teeth, and draw this charcoal of Ayla. 
. . . We will look at the pastel setup and
draw Josie in pastel.

. . . I will draw four quick sketches in pencil!
. . . I will draw Ray in charcoal and in pencil.
I will also draw a plaster cast in charcoal.

. . . I will draw Shanna in pastel.
. . . We will diagram the head from front and side views, and study differences of procedure in three views of the head\.  Then we will draw Josh in pencil.
. . . I will give you three important facts about drawing, and draw two people in one sketch in charcoal.
. . . I will draw Caitlyn in pastel.
. . . I will draw Jack in pastel, and in pencil, and draw a little thumbnail landscape to demonstrate applied line techniques.
. . . I will discuss drawing tools for children and draw Chyanna in charcoal.
. . . I will draw Tim in pastel.
. . . I will talk about the "Primary Method" of learning to draw, draw a little dog figurine and McKayland in pencil.
27 minute videos from the TV series for Oregon Public Broadcasting.
Each episode has complete portraits in pencil, charcoal or pastel.
185 page book with over 300 images of step-by-step portrait drawing.  Introducing "Line First" drawing and the "Primary Method" of learning to draw
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